Instore Kids Corners (IKC) designs and installs imaginative, safe play areas for children. By combining their knowledge and love, they create distinct products that transform each room to a child-friendly space. Unique play systems, handmade in our own factory from simple, natural products.


No two organisations are alike. Every healthcare organisation, catering outlet, retailer, recreation park or daycare centre has its own identity. The play concepts are just as unique as such places and as every visitor to them. Together with you IKC product designers can create a custom play area that perfectly meets your demands and revolves around your (young) visitors & guests..


IKC team of experts professionally shapes kids play areas to meet the highest demands and expectations. Distinctive design, strong on safety and great functionality are characteristics of everything we make. In this way a child-friendly area is created, where every child can be themselves.

The play corners are very safeTÜV certified and can be cleaned easily.


A play corner in your hospital, or the waiting room of a dentist office, makes children feel more confident. In a child-friendly environment they can handle the stress and uncertainty that healthcare often brings. When a child plays while it waits, time seems to go faster!

Child-friendly retail

By offering your younger visitors a more enjoyable experience you will create a more relaxed atmosphere for the store employees, as well as the customers. The spending customers will in turn enjoy a far better shopping experience too. Instore Kids Corners has been able to add value for organisations around the world. Everyday within these companies, children have fun as they make full use of the kid’s corner, whether waiting for their parents or even if they want to play during shopping.


Kids corner in the public sector

A kids corner in your government building or at your airport will create a more pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. With the play corners, your organisation will become child-friendly, which will make families feel more welcome.

Play elements for daycare centres

While climbing, crawling and rolling around just having fun, kids discover the world. Bring this world to life with the magical play concepts from Instore Kids Corners. Let children crawl, run or jump into their own world. It’s a world where they can be what they want; a beautiful princess, a tough knight, a growling lion. Create a place where children can experience, dream, grow, learn, be challenged and be themselves!

Play corner for your restaurant

It can be difficult for kids to sit at the dinner table for a long time. This makes parent feel uncomfortable during dinner. They skip the final drink, because their kids are getting bored. Your restaurant misses revenue! A play corner is the answer. The kids have a place they can play. The adults feel more comfortable.

Interactive Playsystems

IKC gaming consoles are popular game concepts worldwide. Thanks to the attractively designed cabinets in which the PlayTouch computer is housed, the game computers fit in just about every environment imaginable, whether it’s the foyer of a bank or a children’s playroom, and whether the area is 1m² or 1500m².

By having children test our games and applying their ideas within our software, we create challenging and educational games where children are transported into a world of their own. This creates a harmonious environment for you too. Children between the ages of about two and nine apply their imagination and skills in the non-violent, language free games, in a fun, playful way.


IKC Play Module games are probably the world’s most popular wall mounting game panels and thanks to the green & orange frames being so easily recognised, this design classic is found in play areas again and again.

The games are housed in beech wood frames and have been produced as a result of our years of experience in giving children an educational playing experience that respects their creativity and self-confidence. The play possibilities in these wall games have a positive influence on a child’s hand / eye coordination and give the children room to discover their creativity in a playful manner.

IKC Play Modules are made of carefully selected materials and colour choices, and our staff put them together very carefully, so that no matter where you put them, that location will become a more harmonious environment, as the children enjoy their play time for years and years.

SGS verify that every design reaches our high standard. They issue certificates for each model to show you with absolute certainty that you have chosen a safe and sustainable play product.


Play Systems by Instore Kids Corners are specially designed to stimulate a child’s development. Because children can imagine the elements within our play structures in endless combinations, they offer significant educational value.

Our handcrafted Play Systems are of durable fibre board, with silk printed graphics carefully applied to ensure the highest quality.

Create your own play structure…
Our Play Systems all offer hours of good, educational fun, allowing children to constantly adapt their play habits, devising new, more adventurous fantasies. Our play structures are suitable for children from the age of about 3 up to 11.


The play value for your visitors’ children starts in just a few square metres.

IKC has a concept that will make a difference to your company in terms of child-friendliness and well-being.

Solid beech wood Play Modules connect to the personalised building panels of your beautiful play concepts, so each side brings the children a yet another fun play activity. Playhouse concepts can be combined with the IKC interactive game consoles, individual wooden Play Modules, Wall mounting Play Systems and of course any customised play options.

Do you wish to become one too, with a play area in your organisation as well? Contact us for a no obligation discussion: +65  6763 3612. Discover what child-friendly entrepreneurship can do for you.