Sofzsleep Donut latex pillow for babies



Product Description

It is quite common for babies to have stuffy noses, because of allergy or cold. Babies are too young to clear their small nostrils, which may affect their sleep and indirectly the way they feed. Sofzsleep donut pillow, made from 100% latex has an open cell structure with millions of miniscule interconnected microcells. This promotes optimal air and moisture circulation which are essential for a safe, cool and healthy sleep environment. The unique design of this pillow allows the baby’s head to be elevated very slightly to ease breathing, which could be difficult due to blocked nose.

The crater in the centre of the pillow allows a baby’s head to fit nicely in it. This reduces the pressure of a flat surface on a baby’s soft head, which could cause the baby’s skull to ‘flatten’ due to prolonged period on a ‘back rest’ position. The use of this pillow helps a baby to develop a nice rounded head and aids in the prevention of Plagiocephaly.

Recommended for: infant from 8 month old (for younger infants, please use under supervision)

Additional Information




29L x 25W x 5D (cm)


Natural Latex with Bamboo Cover