GLTC Rug – Kaleidoscope Large



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Product Description

Remember playing with kaleidoscopes when you were small? This beautiful rug is equally full of gorgeous colours


(Beware of counterfeit product)

Additional Information




Large: 120W x 180L (cm)


Pile: 100% soft, durable wool; hand-tufted.

Washing Instruction

Please do NOT dry clean or machine wash our 100% wool rugs, they do not survive this treatment! We recommend professional rug/carpet cleaning for our rugs, but cleaning with a carpet washer/vacuum cleaner is also suitable; just make sure your rug is thoroughly dried and aired before using again.

Rug Care

The rug that you are considering buying is a wool rug, hand-tufted and durable. However, as it is made with wool, there is a short period when the rug will shed. This is inherent to the type of rug that you are buying as it is made with natural fibres. The shedding is the short wool fibres that work their way out of the rug as it starts to be used. Please remove these fibres with vacuuming and you will find that this stops after a month or so. It will not change the look of your rug or reduce its durability.

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